House to Home 48-Hour Move-In

Moving to a new house is an exciting time to reinvent what you want your home to look like. Moon Interiors’ “House to Home 48-Hour Move-In® Service” provides a carefully-chosen team of moving and interior design professionals to coordinate a home-owners’ entire move. This special service eliminates the hassles of moving, and also gives you a helping hand in designing your new home.

The House to Home multi-step process ensures that moving is headache-free. Our House to Home service begins with organizing and categorizing all your boxes into a neat area. Then, the team determines the architectural focal point of each room, positions and assembles large furniture pieces, places all accessories, and hangs all artwork throughout the house. Within 48-hours, the new home-owners will be relaxing and enjoying the comforts of their uniquely furnished home!

Our House to Home program helps clients get acclimated in their new homes, promptly and professionally. To get an idea of this innovative program in action, please click on this image and watch the time-lapse video. The typical process isn’t quite as quick as this 24-second video, but it’ll give you a good idea of how — and how fast — we work!

Angelia Moon, President & Owner of Moon Interiors, believes the House to Home 48-Hour Move-In® service is also attractive to businesses that may be relocating executives and new employees. House To Home can be an added incentive for companies to help recruit new personnel to their organizations.

“By utilizing this unique service, transferred employees quickly feel comfortable about their new surroundings and do not have to waste vacation time to handle the unpacking and arranging,” says Moon. “And, just as importantly,” she adds, “the employer regains the undivided attention of his employee sooner.”

“When moving,” Angelia says, “people unnecessarily feel that they should buy all new things. Moon Interiors brings a new look to the home utilizing the items their clients already own. We are then happy to assist them with choosing what furniture or accessories they really need.”

Moon Interiors is your local Raleigh and North Carolina resource for interior design services. We are experienced in both residential and commercial design and capable of handling a wide variety of projects, from space planning to furniture purchases, placement, custom work, and more. We are proud to help clients in the Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, and North Raleigh areas as well as other areas throughout the United States. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation by calling 919-518-0799, emailing, or by filling out our contact form on this pageWe’re eager to make your design dreams come to life!

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