Decorating a Room: How To Get Started

Decorating a Room: How to Get Started

Ready to redo a room but no idea where to start? When the options are infinite, it can seem like an overwhelming project. Moon Interiors is here to walk you through it!

1. What inspires you? It could be an rug’s colors and pattern or a piece of art that sets the style for the room. Perhaps, you’ve stumbled upon a photo in a magazine that you’re absolutely in love with. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be a photo of a room. A piece of fabric could inform your color and style choices as well. Your inspiration can come from many things. What’s important is that you have this special influencer to guide your design decisions.

2. What is the rooms function?  It is important to identify what the room will be used for and how many people will be using it. When you’re selecting furniture and deciding where to place it, you must consider how it will work with the room’s purpose. If you have a big family and enjoy watching movies together, you might consider a L-shaped couch for everyone to pile on and plenty of plush, comfortable throws. If you enjoy entertaining frequently, you’ll want to keep in mind the maximum amount of guests that would need dining room seating. Perhaps you need a table with a leaf, a bar cart, extra counter space for food preparation and serving… Not only should your furnishing have the right look, they should invite you and your guests to use the room!

3. Make a plan – formal or informal. Lay it out so that you know which pieces of furniture you need to achieve your look and the function of the room. This could be as simple as a list and as complex as a CAD diagram. Just be sure that you have a guide to adhere to when making purchases and identifying what you already have that can be utilized.

4. Use what you have or start fresh? This depends on personal preference. You may already have an item that is in fact your inspiration for the room! Go through your list or diagram, and check off any items that you have that may be a fit and you would like to incorporate.

5. Once you pick furniture, pick the appropriate upholstery. Upholstery should be warm, inviting, and comfortable. This is key for every room, no matter the use. Click here to see some of the custom upholstery Moon Interiors has done for our clients.

6. Lights, camera, action! Lighting is another element that should make your room warm and inviting. Lighting should create a triangular or diagonal pattern in a room – one step towards proper home coordination.

7. Last but certainly not least, add artwork & accessories. This is what makes the statement. Make the room your own with art and accessories unique to you. Maybe it’s a collection of black and white family photos, postcards from around the world, a family heirloom, framed artwork that your children made. This is what tells your story. The part of our work we’re most passionate about, is thinking outside of the box to tell our clients’ stories in different ways. Our next post will discuss different techniques and keepsakes we have used to creatively showcase our clients’ passions, family history, and personalities.  Stay tuned to learn more on telling your story.

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