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In interior design, summer is all about merging the boundaries between what are typically seen as indoor and outdoor living spaces.

Taking the inside out, or the outside in, really emphasizes that summer is finally here.

Being able to transform your outdoor living spaces into an extension of the interior of your home will help in getting everyone outside to enjoy the warm weather. A great way to do this is by placing indoor furniture outside, especially when entertaining. Because indoor furniture doesn’t have the resilience to withstand summer weather for extended periods, you really don’t want to move your furniture outdoors for the season. However, taking your pieces outside for the day, or even overnight so long as it’s not raining, isn’t going to do any harm.

To transform a patio space or deck into a perfect entertaining space, you should start with a foundational piece that can stay in one spot all year to really define the area as an outdoor “room”. A fun way to do this is with a pergola that covers a tile or stone patio. A pergola lends a structure to work within while also providing shade to keep days outside from getting too hot. Also, it helps to have a few pieces of outdoor decor to keep your space from looking empty when the indoor furniture isn’t there to fully fill out the space. For example, a few large plants in colorful planters can bring an extra pop of color or a couple outdoor chairs that can be moved away easily create a relaxing place to sit and enjoy the warm weather.

Once you have your foundation set, all that’s really left to do is bring your favorite pieces of furniture outside to enjoy. For summer, a really good idea is to keep things airy. Don’t get caught up with too many little things or furniture that is dark and heavy. Instead, choose light furniture that is easy to move. For a dinner party that means a table that can fit everyone with chairs that are comfortable for the weather. Wicker is great for the summer because air can pass through the wood easily, keeping everyone cool and comfortable. Once your furniture is set, all that’s left to do is do some lite accessorizing and you’re ready to go! The most important thing to remember is to follow the principles of home coordination, or the art of placement, and use what you have first. You don’t need to buy anything new. There are probably a lot of unique treasures in your house you can reuse.  Give us a call we love to come up with a plan together!

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