Re-Fresh Program

Freshen Up Your Space … Virtually

This program allows homeowners to update their spaces with the help of professional designers from the comfort of their own home. Needing help with that one room that has been on the back of your mind? Receive a floor plan, rendering, and recommendations from our team at Moon Interiors. Simply follow these four steps to get started:

1) Measure your space(s).
We will need the measurements of the space(s) you are wanting to update. Roughly draw the shape of your space and measure each wall and the height of your ceiling(s). Don’t forget to include the placement of doors, windows, and closets.

2) Make a list of your priorities.
It is important to make a list of your priorities from smallest to largest so we can help you accomplish your end goal of the space. For example, if you want to update a guest’s bedroom your priorities may be: a dark room, ambient lighting, a place to set a suitcase, plush bedding.

3) Estimate a budget.
Estimating a budget allows for a more efficient design process and will create fewer obstacles in the long run. If you are needing help, we can estimate costs based on your priorities.

4) Set up a zoom appointment.
Give us your availability so we can set up an appointment to go over all the information you just put together. This is the time to ask any questions and go over details of the project.

Now let us get to work. We will create a 2-D layout and 3-D renderings to help you envision the updated space. Designs will be presented on slides with recommended furniture selections and finish specifications. An additional zoom meeting will be scheduled to present our design layout, renderings, and recommendations as well as answer any questions you may have.

Pricing is based on hourly blocks. For example, one bedroom typically takes 10 hours to design from start to finish. We will recommend the purchase of 10, 20, or 30+ hourly blocks based on the space(s) you are wanting to update. A percentage of your down payment may be credited toward furniture purchased through Moon Interiors if you choose to do so.



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