Tell Your Story Through Interior Design

Interior design isn’t just about making a room pretty. We use design to bring our clients homes to life. To reflect their individual styles, their interests, their experiences.

Of course in order for a design project to be a success, creating a beautiful space with quality furnishings and decor that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also accommodates the function of the room is a priority. However, what is equally important, and perhaps, the heart and soul of the project, is the finishing personal touches that make the space entirely unique to you.

Home Coordination, the art of placement, allows us to do just that. For example, one client had saved their grandparents old report cards, eyeglasses, and jewelry. We created a charming display with these sentimental pieces. The client was overjoyed because they never thought of using their family heirlooms in that manor. Those precious keepsakes were boxed up collecting dust and now they get to look at them and share their stories with guests everyday.

Another client had a collection of paintings stored under her bed. During the Home Coordination process, our design team will lay out the personal pieces each client already owns and essentially go “shopping” to select belongings to incorporate throughout the home. Having stumbled upon these treasures, we knew we had to showcase these. When she came home to discover the gallery wall showcasing the art, she began to tear up. “At first, I was worried that we had done something wrong,” said Angelia Moon, President of Moon Interiors. “It turns out that the paintings were created by her mother who had recently passed. Our client said she would have loved this. We just new that they were beautiful paintings. It was all the more special that it meant so much to her. We realized how powerful the art of home coordination is –  using items that are so meaningful and precious to your clients.”

We’ve created many of unique displays, from a cabinet display of Sake cups from Japan to a faux-counter top finish with Mardi Gras doubloons. Each project is a unique challenge.

Consider what is most important to you, think outside the box, dust off those special items and put them on display.

We’d love to learn about the items special to you and discuss ways to showcase them throughout your home. Set up a consultation to discuss today.

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